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People and Culture

We recognise the importance of not only recruiting the best talent, but also developing their skills and providing an inclusive culture where everyone can truly flourish.


Some facts about your people:


  • Talent makes a big difference
  • Leaders set the tone for culture and goal setting
  • Performance management is key to a high-performance culture
  • Great staff drives the customer experience


We help your organisation by:


  • Building management capability
  • Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding
  • Performance Development, Skills Audits and Rewards
  • Performance Management and Workplace Investigations
  • Career Monitor – The Retention Interview takes the time to ask your employees “Why do you stay”, before it’s too late!  This tool can be used for probation reviews, pre-exit analysis, key employee retention program, and annual survey as part of a HR Plan
  • Employee Separation and Off boarding
  • Personality Profiling

 “Companies expect people to work together, but don’t take the time to         help them understand who they are as individuals or how they present       themselves as leaders,” says Jean Santos, Senior Consultant and Partner     at Business Consulting Resources, an Authorised Partner of Everything     DiSC®


Everything DiSC Personality Profiling – A simple online personality assessment designed to help you understand yourself as well as other people. Everything DiSC Profiles include individual and team assessments to help participants gain insight into their own behaviour and a better understanding of others. Your business can use Everything DiSC to build more effective relationships, one relationship at a time, and improve the quality of the workplace. Better employee communication means efficiency at both individual and company levels.

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