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Recruitment & Selection

Optimising People provides recruitment and selection services predominantly to public and private health organisations, to GP clinics, including all allied health professionals and to the corporate sector.


Having the right employees is essential to providing first-rate patient care, so we’ll work with health management to find the right people.  Whether you need to fill a temporary position or hire someone permanently, we will actively work with you to ensure all the critical steps in the recruitment process are taken care of, including thorough background checks and credentialing.


Businesses don’t make decisions, people do – and culture is core to people making better business decisions all of the time.  So it stands to reason that creating the right culture starts with managers becoming experts at interviewing and recruiting the right people into the right jobs.

We help businesses to recruit and select the right candidates by :


  • Ensuring accurate position descriptions are in place
  • Ensuring vacancies are advertised in the correct mediums
  • Recruiting from a good applicant pool
  • Interviewing and shortlisting candidates
  • Facilitating DiSC Personality Profiling
  • Training Managers to be skilled interviewers
  • Using job-specific interview guides
  • Thorough credentialing and reference checking
  • Participating in the selection process, on request
  • Onboarding and orientation of new employees

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